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Foul news: Ron Hale-Evans's upcoming book cancelled

Ron Hale-Evans just twittered that Mind Agility Hacks, his in-progress (and rapidly nearing completion) sequel to Mind Performance Hacks, has been cancelled.

A boo and a hiss to those at O’Reilly Media whose short-sightedness has deprived us of what promised to be another intelligently orchestrated assemblage of tools for exploring and tuning the functioning of the tool that matters most: our grey matter.

I heartily recommend that everyone solace themselves by purchasing a copy of the original MPH.  If you already own one, go ahead and buy another—it’s probably getting dog-eared.

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Wow, Zenoli, I’m catching up on my blog reading, and I just saw this post.

Thank you for the moral support, but it’s not quite as dire as all that. All contributors still retain copyright on their work, and we’re currently looking for another publisher (but first, an agent). As you might imagine, with a successful previous book and a half-written manuscript for the sequel, it probably won’t be as hard to find a publisher as with a mere proposal.

I don’t have hard feelings for the folks at O’Reilly. This is a really difficult time in the publishing world, and Mind Agility Hacks was far from the only book O’Reilly (had to) cut loose. I even still follow the editors of both MPH and MAH on Twitter, Facebook, and the like.

Bear up! This project has endured quite a bit, and I still hope, indeed expect, it will eventually be published.

Sadly, O’Reilly cut a lot of books this year — one by a dear friend of mine. I hadn’t heard that Ron’s book was one of them, though — that’s a shame. Perhaps it is time for e-books to start becoming mainstream.


My name is Stephen and I work for Wiley Publishing. We have recently taken on Ron Hale-Evans as an author and we are going to be releasing hit new title, Mindhacker: 60 Tips, Tricks, and Games to Take Your Mind to the Next Level. Would you be interested in reviewing his new title on your blog? If so, just contact me at Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, Stephen. Thanks for the offer, but I’m actually a contributor to Mindhacker. I’ll be putting up a post about the book here soon.