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The Sacred Architecture of Canada

Manitoba State Legislature Building Ah, Winnipeg, home of the Manitoba Legislature (and, apparently, a number of well-funded Masons).

While Wikipedia has a perfectly bland overview of the the Legislature building, it fails to capture the many occult correspondences that have been cataloged by more enterprising researchers. CTV, for example, interviews a Mr. Frank Albo. We can trust him. After all, he assures us that “My academic career hinges on this, so I’ve been careful to make sure I’m not inventing things.” Thus, the fact that the day that the building was first opened to the public (July 15, 1920) saw a conjunction of Venus and Mercury is a matter for comment. The governor’s reception room mirrors the dimensions of the Holy of Holies. And so on, though the full list remains less extensive than those compiled for the Great Pyramid.

More of Albo’s correspondences can be found at the site of the Societas Rosicruciana in Canada. In Canada, you ask? Remember, the true Rosicrucians are never where you expect to find them.

What shall we conclude? Henry Makow (who has a Ph.D and invented Scruples, so we can trust him, too) tells us quite sincerely:

When the Free Press series ran in November, there was a lot of interest from Manitobans but few no objections. No people seemed to mind that a public institution representing freedom and prosperity for Manitobans was taken over by an occult society for its own bizarre purpose, at taxpayers expense . . . We live in a world where a large segment of the leadership class has sold itself, if not to Satan, to people who worship Satan. identifies that guiding architectural hand as that of Our Illuminati Puppetmasters:

One doesn’t have to be a researcher to see the obvious repeated 13s: 13 steps, 13 lightbulbs and “a number of other instances where 13 were used in construction,” or to see other occult symbolism in this building or in any of the other public buildlings and places where the Illuminati have hidden their secret language in plain view.

I proffer my own conclusion (available to anyone who has read Foucault’s Pendulum): if you learn enough numerology, your life will never be boring.

(Photo of the interior of the Manitoba Legislature Building courtesy of shadesofgrey516.)

conspiracy freemasonry illuminati

Illuminati Montage Videos

I admit to being a sucker for paranoid-obsessive Illuminati theorists. So many modern conspiracies (such as Chemtrails) seem to be wandering around sadly, looking for something to fret over. (Poorly-targeted bio-warefare tests? Global warming reversal? Drought inducement?) A good conspiracy shouldn’t have to work so hard to frighten – it needs to burrow right into the hindbrain and say, but couldn’t it be so?

Illuminati-NWO VideoThe Nightfall Project mobilizes the classic tropes of Freemasonic and possibly-Illuminated symbols into proofs of a conspiracy digested for a modern, neglectful society: to wit, as Internet videos set to thumping electronic beats. Illuminati-NWO is one of their more successful efforts, demonstrating the eye for parallels necessary for any competent conspiracy theorist.

Illuminati Secret Society VideoOn the other hand, The Illuminati Secret Society strays from the earnest “proof by musical PowerPoint” style into some quite unfortunately amateur theatrics. See more at the Nightfall Project’s MySpace page.