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Illuminati Montage Videos

I admit to being a sucker for paranoid-obsessive Illuminati theorists. So many modern conspiracies (such as Chemtrails) seem to be wandering around sadly, looking for something to fret over. (Poorly-targeted bio-warefare tests? Global warming reversal? Drought inducement?) A good conspiracy shouldn’t have to work so hard to frighten – it needs to burrow right into the hindbrain and say, but couldn’t it be so?

Illuminati-NWO VideoThe Nightfall Project mobilizes the classic tropes of Freemasonic and possibly-Illuminated symbols into proofs of a conspiracy digested for a modern, neglectful society: to wit, as Internet videos set to thumping electronic beats. Illuminati-NWO is one of their more successful efforts, demonstrating the eye for parallels necessary for any competent conspiracy theorist.

Illuminati Secret Society VideoOn the other hand, The Illuminati Secret Society strays from the earnest “proof by musical PowerPoint” style into some quite unfortunately amateur theatrics. See more at the Nightfall Project’s MySpace page.