The Pack Goat

North American Pack Goat AssociationI haven’t been camping in years, but it’s great to get out in the woods. Once I finally have a bit more time, I hope to engage in a more active lifestyle. Unfortunately, I’ve been having back problems, so loading myself down with fifty pounds of gear would not be the brightest thing to do. The solution to this problem is clear: the pack goat.

Goats are good people: they’re intelligent and (typically) quite friendly, and I certainly wouldn’t mind having one along with me on a trip.

There are quite a few places where you can actually rent trained pack goats. Some (such as Escape Goats in Utah) provide the services of a goat wrangler. If you get really serious, you can even join the North American Pack Goat Association.

There’s a lot of information out there, both on training the goats and the mechanics of actually packing with them. I’ll have to check the zoning. I wonder how strongly the borough would object if I tried keeping a goat in my backyard?

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