Robert Anton Wilson Festival: Music and Hot Dogs (Sorry, no buns)

A friend of Wigner’s friend tried to tell me that Robert Anton Wilson is dead, but I wouldn’t listen. He could be, but I haven’t looked in the box myself.

Still, I did just peek into my email inbox, and I found this:

Flyer for the Robert Anton Wilson Wake on 23 Feb 2007Robert Anton Wilson Wake and Erisian Festival
Friday, February 23

Northern Liberties
Radio Eris
Oneiric Imperium


Improvisation, Video Screeing, Poetry and Open-Mike, Crowd Participation,
+lasagna, text experiments (exquisite corpse and cut-up), hot dogs with no buns.

Eris Temple
602 S. 52nd St (52nd & Cedar), West Philly

Doors opens 7PM. Lasagna at 8.

$5 suggested donation for bands and temple renovation.

Oh, yeah. It looks like there’s some serious Erisian action happening in Philly. Radio Eris, Northern Liberties, and Oneiric Imperium have pages on MySpace . . . this could be Yohimbe referenced, but I’m not making any assertions.

Update 24 Feb 2007: I’d be very interested to hear from anyone who made it to this event . . please drop me a note or comment.