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More Modular Origami

Display window with modular origamiHere are a few more origami polyhedra that I had lying around the house. The white, central polyhedron is an isocehedral degree 3 type I geodesic sphere. (As with the degree 5 version in a previous post, I used a computer to get the chord factors right.)

Just above and to the right of the geodesic sphere is a rhombic triacontahedron; you may recognize the shape from the 30-sided polyhedral dice sometimes used in role-playing games. Continuing clockwise, the picture shows a flower-colored snub dodecahedron; a smaller rhombic triacontahedron; two snub cubes; an isocahedron; four interlocking tetrahedra with a small rhombic cuboctahedron in front of it; a spiked rhombic cuboctahedron; a cube with decorated faces; and another isocahedron.

Making these is quite relaxing, much like knitting. As they get larger, though, the level of obsession needed to see one through to completion grows geometrically.

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This is marvelous work.I have practiced for 15 years and have created some of my own designs an assemblies. Again great work.

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