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Discordian Games

The Game of SinkIf you’re a Discordian (and who isn’t?), you’re probably familiar with the game of Sink. Unfortunately, if your intelligence is higher than that of a cabbage, this recreation will eventually lose a bit of its luster.

Fortunately, there are other Discordian Games suitable for even such jaded sophisticates.

  • Discordian Solitaire (for two players; suits do not matter because Eris is color-blind)
  • Hybrid: the role-playing game. “RULE # 223: You can using the cloning equation to figure out the # of people that you can effect telepathically. And, you can use the nuclear equation to figure out the radius within which that you can affect others, but you can use topology to increase the maximum distance that you can affect some particular individual. And, the same method of topology, you can, also, generate or simulate singularity (black hole): % = X^X, where X = (C2/M); or, % = Y^Z, where Y = (C1/10) & Z = exponent, which is inverse exponent that is used on his Life Span.”
  • Illuminopoly: Monopoly that forgot to take its anti-psychotics. “RACE CAR: Automotive interests. May roll 3d6 to move if it desires, or just 2d6. Wins if all four railroads are destroyed at any point in the game.”
  • Memetic Truth-or-Dare: Defend the indefensible.
  • Mao: Mao is a card game.  You want to know the rules?  That’s too bad.

And failing all of the above, you could always give Nomic a try.